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I am a front-end developer in Cleveland, Ohio.

I work at Go Media, a Cleveland graphic design firm specializing in identity, web design, print design, typography and illustration.

At Go Media, I spend a lot of my time making WordPress themes, watching Netflix and chilling with SASS, working hand-in-hand with The Arsenal, and getting inspired by the Weapons of Mass Creation, I’ve been with Go Media since April 2012.

Here's my resume.

Looking for help on your project?

I'm not actively looking for new freelance. But, I'd love to hear your ideas. Need a bigger support team?

Where else have I been?

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I have no complaints.
— Bryan Garvin during his exit speech at Aztek Web

Web Designer at Aztek Web

June 2008-April-2012, Cleveland, OH

Worked primarily in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Notepad ++ and Chrome. Designer and front-end developer. Worked directly with clients, back-end developers and other key principals of a project, from start to finish. Helped design and develop the proprietary CMS, as impliment it into multiple projects. Began pushing the design team into thinking mobile first.

Project Manager and Lead Designer at InUnison Ltd.

March 2006-June 2008, Westlake, OH

Lead the design and build team, working directly with 150+ clients on an individual basis to design and maintain client websites and graphics. Designed logos and other material for multimedia advertising and placement, including print fliers, email newsletters, and website promotions. Experienced in implementing PHP and MySQL-based CMS and eCommerce Applications.

Production Manager at Huron Hometown News

March 2006-June 2006, Huron, OH

Worked directly with the sales team to design and maintain ads each week using Adobe Photoshop. Worked directly with the editors to put together a weekly 16-page spread using Adobe InDesign. Worked as a photographer and on-call cartoonist. Worked with the publishing house and web team to maintain technical accuracy on all graphic and documents.

Director of Graphics, Video and Content Editor at Vital Video, Inc.

May 2001 – March 2006, Avon Lake, OH

Created client and in-house websites. Designed logos and other branding for print, video and web. Created all graphics for web, print and video, not only for in-house marketing, but also for client-financed projects and advertisements. Worked as a writer for commercials and promotional programs. Wrote original music for both client and in-house videos. Digitized film and edited using Final Cut Pro HD. Have experience running audio, capturing video, and running a production team. Experienced with printing out video on all major formats including online publishing. Worked with solid deadlines and budgets.

Webmaster at Ohio Chapter of the International Forensic Nurses


Created an interactive site incorporating a PHP CMS. Redesigned their logo. Incorporated an up-to-date calendar for meetings, an interactive forum and messaging system allowing site members to communicate between one another without ever leaving the site.

Production Manager, Editor, and Writer at The Collegian

2001-2003, Lorain County Community College, Elyria, Ohio

Responsible for all layout and design areas of the newspaper. Created graphics and advertisements as well as scanning photos and making them web-ready and print-ready. Worked closely with Editors and Advisors as well as the Sales team. Assigned news stories to the writing staff, as well as collected all news stories, edited them and fit them into the paper as an editor. Attended events, such as the School Levy in 2001, and wrote stories for print the following day. Met deadlines and worked with helping others meet the same deadlines.

I always have the weirdest conversations in the bathroom.
— Bryan Garvin at Happy Dog

How long have you been growing the beard?

Misnomer. The beard has always existed. It has grown me and it’s not really proud of that. Yet.

Why do you use and suggest WordPress?

It’s awesome and completely customizable. I’ve used it for blogs, static 1-page sites like this, and even full-blown sites with both pages and news. It's also the most supported and used CMS on the internet. However, it all depends on the needs of your project. You might be better off going with Squarespace, which I currently use for this site. I knew I wouldn't be updating it all too often. I needed something pretty, easy to use, and constantly updated (backend) without me needing to do anything.

No, seriously. How long have you been growing the beard?

I’ve consistently had some form of facial hair since 2000. I’ve let it go since 2006 and occasionally trim it for overall health and wellness, per the suggestion of @SantaUnplugged.

Did you write these yourself?

Yes. …why?

Do you even lift, bruh?

Occasionally. I'm not one for manual labor. Exercise and I have been friend-zoned.

Are you available for hire?

I'm available for a full time position. Here's my resume. I’m not actively looking for freelance work, however, I am willing to hear out your ideas. Need a bigger support team?

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I like to be comfortable.
— Bryan Garvin while laying in bed
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I like hugs and high fives.
— Bryan Garvin in his Twitter profile
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